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Revolution and the Destruction System


We want a better world, this is the phrase commonly heard in the day to day, just do not see nobody, nobody do anything for us to live a free, no rules to follow, not the money that literally destroys society as each day passes, but no one sees it, everyone thinks he is leading the world, we give continuity to the generations. We need a revolution, but without violence, without casualties, we need to destroy the government, destroying the banking systems, end wars, we can not just talk, for example: “I THINK WE MUST FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS” and we sit, waiting for the Gods, do it all for us, we’ll raise, will fight for truth, go after what we want most, which is peace, only we, only we can create a better society to live, that’s what is called freedom, so that’s a real revolution. “Our lives begin to end the day we silenced the things that really matter”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.
The world is just coming down from our eyes and nobody does anything to avoid, just talk and talk and talk, many do not speak, see and do nothing, do not tell. “I’d rather die standing than live kneeling always” – Che Guevara
Our lives are ending because we ignore the truth, nobody wants to know about these things that really matter. People just want to know what the media passes. If people knew the great injustice that is the banking system, a revolution happen before dawn!
We will not give up, we’ll keep fighting, no violence, no destruction, only the destruction that will occur, is the banking system! If we destroy it, half way to freedom, has been taken.

The truth is like a delicate flower, we should not care for her if she dies. We should plant more of these so-called truths flowers in our garden, this is one of the best ways to destroy this system that is consuming more people. We can not kneel to the elite, we are not cowards, we’re better than that, if we recognize our value, the right to be free, we must run after him before it’s too late.


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