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New Holland holds suspected hacker attacks pro-Wikileaks

Matter Removal Site:

Police on Saturday arrested the Netherlands (11) a man of 19 years suspected to be responsible for one of the cyber attack to the website of the country’s public prosecutor, one of the targets of the operation promoted by advocates of the site Wikileaks.

The attack that brought down the website of Dutch judiciary came after the arrest of a 16 year old, named as Sharers of lawsuits against computer network operators’ credit cards Visa and Mastercard and PayPal electronic payments site

Digital activists, led by the group known as “Anonymous” pointed out financial institutions as enemies of free speech on the net for suspended the transfer of donations to the Wikileaks, publisher of hundreds of secret documents of U.S. diplomacy. The G1 was found that the participation of Brazilian Internet users in the attack.

According to Dutch police, the new suspect was arrested in the city of Hoogezand-Sappemeer, in the north, for allegedly using a computer program to congest the site of the prosecution. The attack left the page off the air for a few hours on Friday. The suspect, who used the name Awinee sites used to coordinate the operation

Worldwide, several activists have organized to attack opposing pages of companies considered to Wikileaks. The main spokesman for the site, Julian Assange, was arrested in London on Tuesday after the Swedish request on charges of sexual crimes.


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