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Wikileaks reveals the support of the Pope to the transgenic

Credits Post: The New World Order

Despite the Vatican refuses to issue a public position on genetically modified organisms (GMOs or GMO in English), new cables were published by Wikileaks reveal that Pope Benedict XVI secretly favored the GM and believes more should be done to encourage their spread throughout the world. Both cable in June as November 1 confirm the Pope’s approval of biotechnology and also the pressure exerted by the Vatican to promote its use.

The report of June 2009, which was recently confirmed by a Vatican spokesman, explaining that the Pope considers “further development” of the infrastructure is still needed to improve “food security”. And the report from November 2009 goes even further, proclaiming that
“The very scientific academy of the Vatican said there was no evidence that GMOs are harmful, and that they could actually be part of the approach to ensure global food security.”

Apparently, the “scientific academy” the Vatican has ignored fundamental studies showing the link between GMOs and a number of serious health problems, including infertility, organ damage, diabetes, obesity and severe allergic reactions. And as with the pesticide Roundup, Monsanto (glyphosate), which are used in GM crops are causing birth defects, miscarriages and cancer in humans, and not to mention a massive decrease of nature important pollinators like bees, bats and butterflies.

These new reports leaked by Wikileaks coincide with others who have exposed the agenda of the Department of State United States to force GM crops on the world’s nations. This commitment on behalf of the U.S. biotechnology includes the “Evergreen Revolution” (Revolution Ever-Green), an Obama administration program designed to spread GM crops in Africa in the same way as did the “Green Revolution” in India.

The State Department also is urging the Vatican to increase their vocal support for GM crops “in the hope that a louder voice in Rome, encourage the leaders of local churches around the world to reconsider their views of critics.”

More Information:
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