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The New World Order

Author: InfoWorld2012

If an ordinary person, passing on the street you see a shirt with writing RESIST THE NEW WORLD ORDER, thinks the guy is kidding right? Well, almost 80% probably think that way, especially in the world today.

For those who do not know what is the New World Order […] The New World Order is a plan in which the banking elite wants to make the puppets and will only administer. It’s a plan that will surely be a capitalist and socialist, where 100% of the population will be enslaved by their jobs, through centuries and the 13 richest families in the world are in power, controlling the minds of people through media, vaccination, food and etc. .. They do everything so you do not realize what is happening to them, we are sheep. But we are worse than the sheep because the sheep have only to follow a shepherd dog in which he keeps them in line, and we do it through ignorance, ridicule.

For a long time, world population is feeding it. All they want is for you, just obey, sleep, reproduce, do not question the authorities. They do not want you to use your brain, to them you have to believe everything the media says. Example: If the media says that the attack was one of the 11/09/2001 terrorist plan, you have to believe. In which that day was the famous plan PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION […] This plan works this way: They create the problem, the population reacts with fear and the solution comes from who crior the problem, ie the very elite.

But people, when someone says that to them it is natural that she will say THAT NONSENSE, NO ONE LIKE THIS keep a secret. EXACT! Someone will surely open your mouth, people like Michael Jackson, Bill Hicks, Che Guevara, they all spoke, and how will the story just for them? All dead, it is obvious that the elite will kill, especially with Michael Jackson, who have millions of fans and followers.

The truth is not shown by the media, not only because it is controlled by the elite and also because the people ignore, not profit. Just as a healthy people show no ill effects and hence no profit to the pigs from the top of the pyramid (elite Illuminati), who has always exploited the government to control the people in bondage.

All we’re saying the resistance is that they do not care for humanity, all they want is profit, money, and do it through food, media, immunization, and control the money controls the world and if so from generation to generation is taking over the world and human freedom going to the hole.

When people start eating well, turn off your TV or radio, seek knowledge, question the government and who will be behind them, oh yes, we’ll get to have a future worthy of a human being.


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