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The Fear and Knowledge

Author: InfoWorld

I decided to write this text, for those who do not trust in themselves, people who are influenced by fear, is it wrong or anything else. In the course of our lives, they find obstacles, some big, some small and some that many people claim to be impossible, many people think that way, probably because they are influenced by fear, because they are “shot” when we reach a point that we found the biggest obstacle is that really, we should show that we can, we are strong, we will never give up, we can not have fear, because fear is our greatest enemy, but it is an enemy we can prevent [… ] Through the mind if we think of a way we can, I’m stronger than anything and believe in your potential, I am sure that you will earn, what you most want, if you can not have no problem, CONQUERED YOU ETERNAL VICTORY, not illusory.
Now, if you’re one of those people who think this way: I WILL NOT GET, THIS OBSTACLE IS MUCH STRONGER THAN U.S., IT IS IMPOSSIBLE, you probably will never have a life, will spend the rest of your life in fear, giving up everything. Never let anyone say you can not accomplish something, it’s then that you must show that you are stronger!
We can change everything through the mind, we can eliminate the fear within us, we can change the world in changing the mind. NOT THE BEAT HOW HARD YOU CAN, IT’S HOW HARD YOU ARE ACHIEVED AND CONTINUE FOLLOWING FIRM-Renan Gonçalves Rodrigues.
The big problem with people is that they let themselves be taken, but not only by fear but by the media, among others, people no longer seek a book to read, do not seek knowledge, they prefer novel, Big Brother Brazil if most of the population, research on the world she lives, I guarantee that the world can become a better place, you find the long awaited peace.
We support the elite, we support violence in the world, if we act in a way, only without the violence, is even better, but people think they will gain the freedom in using weapons, Matanda each other, is totally wrong, we fight for one thing, using this kind of act.
So some people consider the knowledge and mind, the most powerful weapon anyone can have, if we use it, for we find freedom, sure, let’s get her.

Do you think that correct?



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