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New Holland holds suspected hacker attacks pro-Wikileaks

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Police on Saturday arrested the Netherlands (11) a man of 19 years suspected to be responsible for one of the cyber attack to the website of the country’s public prosecutor, one of the targets of the operation promoted by advocates of the site Wikileaks.

The attack that brought down the website of Dutch judiciary came after the arrest of a 16 year old, named as Sharers of lawsuits against computer network operators’ credit cards Visa and Mastercard and PayPal electronic payments site

Digital activists, led by the group known as “Anonymous” pointed out financial institutions as enemies of free speech on the net for suspended the transfer of donations to the Wikileaks, publisher of hundreds of secret documents of U.S. diplomacy. The G1 was found that the participation of Brazilian Internet users in the attack.

According to Dutch police, the new suspect was arrested in the city of Hoogezand-Sappemeer, in the north, for allegedly using a computer program to congest the site of the prosecution. The attack left the page off the air for a few hours on Friday. The suspect, who used the name Awinee sites used to coordinate the operation

Worldwide, several activists have organized to attack opposing pages of companies considered to Wikileaks. The main spokesman for the site, Julian Assange, was arrested in London on Tuesday after the Swedish request on charges of sexual crimes.


Documentary: Super Soldiers – Murderers Programmed to Jesse Ventura-

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Revolution and the Destruction System


We want a better world, this is the phrase commonly heard in the day to day, just do not see nobody, nobody do anything for us to live a free, no rules to follow, not the money that literally destroys society as each day passes, but no one sees it, everyone thinks he is leading the world, we give continuity to the generations. We need a revolution, but without violence, without casualties, we need to destroy the government, destroying the banking systems, end wars, we can not just talk, for example: “I THINK WE MUST FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS” and we sit, waiting for the Gods, do it all for us, we’ll raise, will fight for truth, go after what we want most, which is peace, only we, only we can create a better society to live, that’s what is called freedom, so that’s a real revolution. “Our lives begin to end the day we silenced the things that really matter”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.
The world is just coming down from our eyes and nobody does anything to avoid, just talk and talk and talk, many do not speak, see and do nothing, do not tell. “I’d rather die standing than live kneeling always” – Che Guevara
Our lives are ending because we ignore the truth, nobody wants to know about these things that really matter. People just want to know what the media passes. If people knew the great injustice that is the banking system, a revolution happen before dawn!
We will not give up, we’ll keep fighting, no violence, no destruction, only the destruction that will occur, is the banking system! If we destroy it, half way to freedom, has been taken.

The truth is like a delicate flower, we should not care for her if she dies. We should plant more of these so-called truths flowers in our garden, this is one of the best ways to destroy this system that is consuming more people. We can not kneel to the elite, we are not cowards, we’re better than that, if we recognize our value, the right to be free, we must run after him before it’s too late.

Wikileaks reveals the support of the Pope to the transgenic

Credits Post: The New World Order

Despite the Vatican refuses to issue a public position on genetically modified organisms (GMOs or GMO in English), new cables were published by Wikileaks reveal that Pope Benedict XVI secretly favored the GM and believes more should be done to encourage their spread throughout the world. Both cable in June as November 1 confirm the Pope’s approval of biotechnology and also the pressure exerted by the Vatican to promote its use.

The report of June 2009, which was recently confirmed by a Vatican spokesman, explaining that the Pope considers “further development” of the infrastructure is still needed to improve “food security”. And the report from November 2009 goes even further, proclaiming that
“The very scientific academy of the Vatican said there was no evidence that GMOs are harmful, and that they could actually be part of the approach to ensure global food security.”

Apparently, the “scientific academy” the Vatican has ignored fundamental studies showing the link between GMOs and a number of serious health problems, including infertility, organ damage, diabetes, obesity and severe allergic reactions. And as with the pesticide Roundup, Monsanto (glyphosate), which are used in GM crops are causing birth defects, miscarriages and cancer in humans, and not to mention a massive decrease of nature important pollinators like bees, bats and butterflies.

These new reports leaked by Wikileaks coincide with others who have exposed the agenda of the Department of State United States to force GM crops on the world’s nations. This commitment on behalf of the U.S. biotechnology includes the “Evergreen Revolution” (Revolution Ever-Green), an Obama administration program designed to spread GM crops in Africa in the same way as did the “Green Revolution” in India.

The State Department also is urging the Vatican to increase their vocal support for GM crops “in the hope that a louder voice in Rome, encourage the leaders of local churches around the world to reconsider their views of critics.”

More Information:
Food Freedom: Newly Leaked Cable: Pope ‘quietly Supportive’ of GMOs
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The Fear and Knowledge

Author: InfoWorld

I decided to write this text, for those who do not trust in themselves, people who are influenced by fear, is it wrong or anything else. In the course of our lives, they find obstacles, some big, some small and some that many people claim to be impossible, many people think that way, probably because they are influenced by fear, because they are “shot” when we reach a point that we found the biggest obstacle is that really, we should show that we can, we are strong, we will never give up, we can not have fear, because fear is our greatest enemy, but it is an enemy we can prevent [… ] Through the mind if we think of a way we can, I’m stronger than anything and believe in your potential, I am sure that you will earn, what you most want, if you can not have no problem, CONQUERED YOU ETERNAL VICTORY, not illusory.
Now, if you’re one of those people who think this way: I WILL NOT GET, THIS OBSTACLE IS MUCH STRONGER THAN U.S., IT IS IMPOSSIBLE, you probably will never have a life, will spend the rest of your life in fear, giving up everything. Never let anyone say you can not accomplish something, it’s then that you must show that you are stronger!
We can change everything through the mind, we can eliminate the fear within us, we can change the world in changing the mind. NOT THE BEAT HOW HARD YOU CAN, IT’S HOW HARD YOU ARE ACHIEVED AND CONTINUE FOLLOWING FIRM-Renan Gonçalves Rodrigues.
The big problem with people is that they let themselves be taken, but not only by fear but by the media, among others, people no longer seek a book to read, do not seek knowledge, they prefer novel, Big Brother Brazil if most of the population, research on the world she lives, I guarantee that the world can become a better place, you find the long awaited peace.
We support the elite, we support violence in the world, if we act in a way, only without the violence, is even better, but people think they will gain the freedom in using weapons, Matanda each other, is totally wrong, we fight for one thing, using this kind of act.
So some people consider the knowledge and mind, the most powerful weapon anyone can have, if we use it, for we find freedom, sure, let’s get her.

Do you think that correct?


The New World Order

Author: InfoWorld2012

If an ordinary person, passing on the street you see a shirt with writing RESIST THE NEW WORLD ORDER, thinks the guy is kidding right? Well, almost 80% probably think that way, especially in the world today.

For those who do not know what is the New World Order […] The New World Order is a plan in which the banking elite wants to make the puppets and will only administer. It’s a plan that will surely be a capitalist and socialist, where 100% of the population will be enslaved by their jobs, through centuries and the 13 richest families in the world are in power, controlling the minds of people through media, vaccination, food and etc. .. They do everything so you do not realize what is happening to them, we are sheep. But we are worse than the sheep because the sheep have only to follow a shepherd dog in which he keeps them in line, and we do it through ignorance, ridicule.

For a long time, world population is feeding it. All they want is for you, just obey, sleep, reproduce, do not question the authorities. They do not want you to use your brain, to them you have to believe everything the media says. Example: If the media says that the attack was one of the 11/09/2001 terrorist plan, you have to believe. In which that day was the famous plan PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION […] This plan works this way: They create the problem, the population reacts with fear and the solution comes from who crior the problem, ie the very elite.

But people, when someone says that to them it is natural that she will say THAT NONSENSE, NO ONE LIKE THIS keep a secret. EXACT! Someone will surely open your mouth, people like Michael Jackson, Bill Hicks, Che Guevara, they all spoke, and how will the story just for them? All dead, it is obvious that the elite will kill, especially with Michael Jackson, who have millions of fans and followers.

The truth is not shown by the media, not only because it is controlled by the elite and also because the people ignore, not profit. Just as a healthy people show no ill effects and hence no profit to the pigs from the top of the pyramid (elite Illuminati), who has always exploited the government to control the people in bondage.

All we’re saying the resistance is that they do not care for humanity, all they want is profit, money, and do it through food, media, immunization, and control the money controls the world and if so from generation to generation is taking over the world and human freedom going to the hole.

When people start eating well, turn off your TV or radio, seek knowledge, question the government and who will be behind them, oh yes, we’ll get to have a future worthy of a human being.

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